Shopping 101 – 3 Money Saving Tips You Can Follow


Have you calculated how much money you are spending on your shopping spree? For sure you will be shocked to know the amount. But hey! It does not mean you are going to stop shopping at all. What you need to do is to follow the tips enumerated below and off you go!

#1 Going to a store should be your last option

People have this notion that if they need something going to a store is their immediate response. This should not be the case. Do you know you might get what you need without the need of shopping? Yes, that is right!

All you have to do is to ask yourself whether you can get the item for free or if you can borrow it. There are places where you can get items for free. You can even go to your own local group for Freecycle. Ask around if someone have what you are looking for. However, if you think you are going to use the item once then best option is to borrow it. You are already saving money by doing this.

#2 Negotiate makes a difference

Shop2There are instances where prices are fixed. You can not negotiate for them. However, if you can see for yourself that you can do some negotiation then go for it!

How can you negotiate from a store? If an item on sale has cosmetic damage then perhaps the store manager may offer it to you at a discounted price. It would be far more difficult for them to sell the said item due to its blemishes they might as well dispose it.

When you are about to purchase a PC or a TV and the salesperson offers you to buy this and that, why won’t you ask for a discount? There are some who are allowed to give a customer a discount just to have the deal close.

Lastly, do remember that the prices on the sticker for cars as well as houses are set way much higher compared to its actual amount. There is definitely a room for you to negotiate here.

#3 Put a date on your purchase

This means that you need to be a little patient and have a waiting period before you purchase an item. If you do some planning you might be able to save few bucks for it.

A good example where waiting can be rewarding is when you buy a gadget. If you are keen on buying one just wait for few months until a new model has been released. The price is a little bit low compared to its original price when it was released. When it comes to cosmetics, toiletries, and even groceries they do come on sale so keep an eye for that.

It does pay off when you do wait for the right time to purchase of the items. Just imagine how much money will you save for simply waiting. The amount alone can be used to pay off bills.

There you have it three simple and easy to follow money savings tips on shopping. As you can see, they are very doable. You can follow one or two of the tips. The savings you will get is tremendous when you count it all at the end of the year. You do not need to be strictly frugal in order to save money when you do shop. Just a little knowledge on some strategies will do the trick.

So, the next time you think of shopping do remember the three and for sure you have saved money from that very moment.